RV Insurance Claims

Reporting a Theft, Loss or Damage

What you must do if you experience the theft, loss or damage to your Recreational Vehicle and/or its contents:

  • Notify us of your claim immediately (see options below).
  • If your Recreational Vehicle is stolen or you have an accident contact us immediately to provide the details of the incident. We will then advise you what is required next.
  • If your Recreational Vehicle is stolen you must contact the police as soon as you can to lodge a report and obtain the necessary documentation.
  • Prevent further damage or loss. Do your best to prevent any further damage or loss by having your Recreational Vehicle moved to a safe place or securing it as best you can.

There are 3 options for notifying us of a new claim:

If your Recreational Vehicle is stolen or involved in an accident, there is cover to reimburse you the reasonable cost of hiring a similar Recreational Vehicle. Limits and conditions apply, which are contained in caRVan Recreational Vehicle Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or you can discuss what is covered with our claims staff.


Claims against you

If another party involved in the collision contacts you, please advise caRVan Insurance immediately. We still require a claim notification from you even if there is no damage to your vehicle. Please do not make any admissions of liability and don’t attempt to settle any claims made against you without contacting us first.



The excess is the amount you have to contribute towards your claim. Additional excesses can apply. Your Schedule will state the various excesses that can apply. Please discuss the excesses further with our claims staff.

No fault excess – your excess may not apply if we agree that you are not at fault for an accident and you can provide full contact details (Name, vehicle registration number, phone number and residential address) of the driver who caused the accident.

No claim bonus (rating) – your no claims bonus may be affected if you are responsible for the accident or if you cannot identify the responsible party.

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